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Strategic Vision, Inc. is a company of clinical psychologists and business professionals with more than 30 years of experience studying how and why consumers make buying decisions and the factors that drive owner satisfaction and loyalty.

The San Diego (CA) company was founded in 1972 by Dr. Darrel Edwards, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Brigham Young University with Post Doctoral work in psycholinguistics at Pennsylvania State University, and decision-theory at NNMC and NIH. He developed a unique ValueCentered® theory of Experience, Decision-Making and Behavior and a set of methods for understanding customer decision making in the broadest set of environments from consumers to jurors and the courtroom to governments and organizational boardrooms. Dr. Edwards, J. Susan Johnson, and Sharon Shedroff incorporated Strategic Vision, Inc. in 1989.

The ValueCentered® premise is that an individual's personal feelings and values -- for example, safety, security, trust, freedom, control, pride, one's sense of balance and integrity in one's life --are at the core of any decision, including the buying decision and how people evaluate products and service after they have made those decisions. It also predicts how any target group or individual makes decisions from governments, constituencies, jurors, lawyers, corporate decision-makers and members within the working environment. It addresses positive directions and conflicts. It draws maps for planning and for conflict resolution.

Strategic Vision starts its studies with an in-depth understanding of the decision-making and rational-emotional responses of the individuals which represent the group being studied. Often, one-on-one, in-depth ValueCentered interviews are used to elicit from the people participating in the study these personal, internal motives and how they are linked to objective, external factors and behaviors. The motives are linked statistically to factors, such as the individual's demography, history, behavior, experiences, perceptions of the product or services that might be studied, and perceptions of self. These intensive interviews define key issues which can be quantified in large-scale studies that can be done using any of the variety of quantitative procedures, including mail, telephone, Internet, or intercept.

Strategic Vision used these principles to develop the Vehicle Experience Study of new vehicle buyers, which was made available as a syndicated study to the automobile industry in 1995. This study contains the data used for the Total Quality Award first publicly announced in 1995.

The company has worked on many automotive assignments and with companies in other industries, as well as the national governments and political parties.

Its client list includes: the American Broadcasting Company, American Airlines, Citicorp, Georgia Power, Price Waterhouse, Nestle, the Republican National Committee, the Conservative Party of Britain, and many others.

Studies performed for these and other clients cover a wide range of types of issues, including:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Quality assessment
  • Corporate culture and training
  • Political decision making
  • Advertising development and diagnostic assessment
  • Cross cultural motivation
  • New product and service development and assessment
  • Social issues and trends

Strategic Vision's syndicated Values in America study is but one example of its work on social issues and trends.

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